Manifesto 2024-29

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Parameters that fit the new media environment

The economic reality of the audiovisual landscape in Europe needs a legal and regulatory framework that ensures stability and drives competitiveness.

Policies that allow media to compete & grow

Allowing media to compete effectively and grow means effective support for pluralism, implementation of new ex ante European rules and a more modern competition policy framework.

Principles to promote IP & contractual freedom

The fundamental commercial drivers of value for media – intellectual property and contractual freedom – need to be preserved and better enforced.

From left to right: Grégoire Polad, ACT Director General, Cécile Frot-Coutaz, ACT President & CEO of Sky Studios & Chief Content Officer of Sky, Renate Nikolay, DG CNECT Deputy Director General and Carolina Lorenzon, Chair of ACT Board & Mediaset Director of International Affairs.