Join us!

ACT membership is open to any privately funded broadcaster operating in Europe.

All companies interested in applying for Membership or for an Observer position, should contact Paola Colasanti, Head of information.

Some of the benefits of becoming an ACT member are:

  • Possibility to shape and influence the EU policy and regulatory agenda affecting the audiovisual sector via bilateral meetings, stakeholders consultations, events, press activities and others
  • Exchange of knowledge and networking with other European broadcasters to stay at the forefront of media developments to best support the broadcasting business

  • Access to industry research, media-related events and relevant documents and publications provided to members on a regular basis and available on the extranet available exclusively to the ACT members
  • Increased visibility for the ACT members’ companies and their activities via ACT website, newsletters, events, press and social media activities

Key criteria required to be an ACT member

  • Be a commercially funded licensed broadcaster active in the European Union, UK and/or EEA*
  • Offer an editorially independent service with an active editorial role in the promotion and selection of content
  • Be able to demonstrate a material investment in European content

* ACT invites commercially funded licensed broadcasters with headquarters outside of this geographic zone to apply for Observer status