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BRUSSELS, 25 May 2016 The Commission’s proposed revisions to the AVMS Directive are a step in the right direction to adapt the legal framework to the current and future media landscape. However, commercial broadcasters are concerned that these do not sufficiently reflect the radically changing media landscape, where viewers are watching content increasingly through a widening range of online, on-demand platforms. In order for commercial broadcasters to continue to finance and produce high quality European content, they need to be able to compete freely and fairly with all content providers regardless of platform.

While our members welcome the proposals to deregulate some advertising rules such as those governing Product Placement and Sponsorship, and to protect the Country of Origin principle as a key facilitator of cross-border distribution, many rules remain which apply to some platforms and not others. Further deregulation is necessary to enable fair competition for all media services across different platforms.

Commercial broadcasters play a fundamental role in funding and promoting cultural diversity – a role the EU should value in the current and forthcoming global marketplace. Regarding European programme quota rules for non-linear services, our members believe that investment in European works should be demand driven. European commercial broadcasters already produce vast amounts of European content in response to consumer demand which they make available across a wide range of linear and on-demand platforms.

The deletion of the provisions on accessibility with reference to the proposed European Accessibility Act is also regrettable. We need a coherent legislative approach that factors in the specificities of the sector and strikes the right balance between commercial broadcasters’ long standing commitment to helping and supporting disabled customers and the on-going economic viability of AV digital services.

We look forward to working with the European Parliament and Member States to come to a result that reflects a long-term vision for all players offering AV services, ensuring significantly less detailed but equal level of regulation.

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The Association of Commercial Television in Europe represents the interests of leading commercial broadcasters in 37 European countries. The ACT member companies finance, produce, promote and distribute content and services benefiting millions of Europeans across all platforms. At ACT we believe that the healthy and sustainable commercial broadcasting sector has an important role to play in the European economy, society and culture. Our role is to protect and to promote the interests of the European private broadcasters. We engage with the EU institutions to achieve a balanced and appropriate regulatory framework which will encourage further investment and growth in our sector. This will allow the commercial audiovisual industry to continue to do what we do best – getting great content to viewers.

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