European Commercial Broadcasters United On Copyright

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BRUSSELS, 08 JUNE 2018 – Associations of commercial broadcasters across Europe (ACT, ABBRO, AKTV, ARCA, and the commercial broadcasters associated in CRTV) express their concerns regarding the Council negotiation mandate and the legal uncertainty that will result from it. This is an important opportunity for commercial broadcasters to support the work done by (Rapporteur) MEP Axel Voss and reaffirm key principles to maintain a vibrant audio-visual media sector.

Commercial broadcasters are supporters of the Commission’s copyright proposals as a means to ensuring the fair treatment of audio-visual content providers. While the Commission’s proposals on copyright sought to clarify the role and responsibilities of online intermediaries, the recently adopted Council negotiation mandate introduces additional measures which water down certainty over the applicable law and jeopardise key objectives of the text.

Broadcasters are particularly concerned with the new exemption afforded to Platforms that is diametrically opposed to the principles expressed in the Commission’s proposal. Should this approach be retained, it would lead to greater competitive imbalances, endangering in the process a vibrant sector that delivers for citizens and consumers, supports one million European Audiovisual (AV) jobs and contributes €93 billion annually to the EU economy. 

Broadcasters look to the European Parliament to ensure negotiations lead to a legal environment that allows for a sustainable, diverse and plural media landscape. In particular, broadcasters wish to encourage the JURI Committee and the Rapporteur – MEP Axel Voss – for seeking a regime that is in line with the original aims of the proposed review.

Europe is at a critical juncture and needs bold policies that promote growth and jobs by investing in the future of its third largest economic sector, the creative and cultural economy. We are fundamentally attached to the notions of investment in AV, media pluralism and cultural diversity that underpin our members’ role in European society and economies.

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About the Association of Commercial Television in Europe (ACT)

The ACT represents the interests of leading commercial broadcasters in Europe. The ACT member companies finance, produce, promote and distribute content and services benefiting millions of Europeans across all platforms.  At ACT we believe that the healthy and sustainable commercial broadcasting sector has an important role to play in Europe’s economy, society and cultures. See ACT’s most recent communications here.

Contact: Agnieszka Horak| Director of Legal and Public Affairs|

About the Association of Bulgarian Broadcasters (ABBRO)

ABBRO is the non-governmental organisation of commercial TV and Radio broadcasters in Bulgaria. The association is the most representative industry body for Bulgaria for the television, radio and ondemand services. Its members operate various national free-to-air, cable and satellite TV channels with the highest rating of viewers’ trust, on-demand services and radio networks. ABBRO contributes to the law making process to ensure fair and transparent market rules, as well as favourable legal framework for the development of media services in Bulgaria.

Contact: Anna Tanova | Executive Director |

About the Romanian Association for Audiovisual Communications (ARCA)

The Romanian Association for Audiovisual Communications joins the main radio and television companies operating in Romania (ProTv, Antena 1, KanalD, Prima TV, Antena 3, RomaniaTv, B1Tv , National Tv, Kiss Fm, Europa Fm, Radio Romania, Radio Zu, National FM, etc). ARCA promotes the regulatory framework necessary to develop a favourable climate for audiovisual media business in Romania, representing both the public interests and business interests of the Romanian broadcasters in relation to the legislative and regulatory institutions. For more information please consult

Contact: George Chirita | Executive Director |

About Confindustria Radio Televisioni (CRTV)

Confindustria Radio Televisioni (CRTV) is the association of the Italian radio and television broadcasters. Established in 2013 CRTV includes Italy’s major national broadcasters among its members: Discovery Italy, Elemedia (Gruppo Editoriale L’Espresso), Giglio Group, HSE24, La7, Mediaset, Persidera, Prima TV, Qvc Italy, Radio Italia, RAI, Rete Blu, RTL 102.5 Hit Radio, Tivù, Viacom International Media Networks Italy. Major local TV and radio broadcasters are also members of CRTV through the Association of Local Televisions and the Association of Local Radios FRT. All the major categories of Italy’s broadcasting industry are represented in CRTV: public and private broadcasters, national and local, platforms and network operators.

Contact: Rosario Alfredo Donato | Director General |

About Association of Commercial Television (AKTV)

The Association of Commercial Television (AKTV) was formed in 2017 as an association of terrestrial television broadcasting operators with the goal of defending, supporting and promoting the common interests of commercial broadcasters in the Czech Republic. The founding members of the Association are the Nova, Prima and Óčko television networks.

Contact: Marie Fianová | Secretary General |