Commercial broadcasters welcome European Parliament’s decision to meaningfully address the value gap

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BRUSSELS, 12 September 2018. Following the European Parliament’s vote on the Copyright Directive on the 12th September, the Association of Commercial Television in Europe would like to issue the following statement:

“The original aim of the Copyright Directive was to create a level playing field in the creative sector, to allow artists, producers, rightholders, musicians and other creators the freedom to continue producing their work without fear of it being exploited without proper compensation. We are happy to see that the Directive adopted by the European Parliament on Wednesday lives up to a significant part of the expectations that were instilled in Europe’s creative sector when the Directive was first announced”.

The Association of Commercial Television will continue to closely follow this issue as it enters trilogue. We urge European policymakers to continue to stand up to online platforms and ensure the Commission’s original objectives are maintained.

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